Lessons learned at nine weeks…

My wife and I are breezing through the 9th week, about time to start looking to make some appointments!  I just wanted to take a moment and share some things that might help out some of you other dads-to-be.  First, as always, it is ok to be scared out of your mind.  Granted, we are 9 weeks in and a long ways to go,  but twice this week I have had to go out to the car and cry/pray that I am going to be the best that I can, that I will be there for my wife and child, and that I am as ready as I can ever be.  If you think that this makes me less of a man, feel free to come tell me that, I would LOVE to discuss this with you.  Second, the excitement comes in waves, much like the fear.  The neat thing about this is that no matter how into work I am all that some people have to do is ask about the baby, or my wife, or how we are doing… and I begin to smile.  Third, TAKE PICTURES.  We did not start until the 6th week and we are taking pictures daily… and let me tell you, even if you think you are noticing that little life start to grow in her belly… take a look at the pictures and you WILL see it grow. Lastly (for now), men, remember to rub her legs and back.  Even this early on my wife is noticing stiffness and some pains.  Needless to say, I do what I can, even when exhausted, to try to comfort her.  Gentlemen, we have the honor of breaking our backs and learning what the word ‘clean’ means for our wives for nine months as they carry this life and bear it into this world.  I, for one, have tried to make it as easy as I can on my wife for this simple reason.

I AM GOING TO BE A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and I am learning a lot more then what they taught in ‘family life’ at school.

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