The appointment is coming, the appointment is coming!

Here I am at midnight the night before our appointment.  I have already made sure that my wife is getting the sleep that she needs, while I lay down here on the couch and watch as the clock ticks away.  I was reading online and have found that there seems to be something about this appointment for most dads that just makes something twang deep inside of them.  There are the generalized worries, is everything ok? How is the baby? Is it twins? There is also the more focused worries.  To summarize what a good friend of mine told me today (and I am taking a little bit of literary freedom with this, but I am sure that she will not say that I am too far off base) as long as I do not go manic about this, then things are going to be ok.  I do have some concerns and I am glad that I get to go to the doctor with her.  But I think that it is mostly the nerves that are keeping me awake tonight….. which will make for a long day today…

I AM GOING TO BE A DAD, I am scared out of my mind and sometimes it is hope that helps me run on fumes.

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