Catching Up…

So, now we are up to last week.  So much has gone on that things are blurry.  During the bulk of last week my wife and I continued to try to figure out a schedule (of sorts).  Beautiful Zoey seems to have learned so many things in her three weeks of life.  Things like, when it is my shift, and I think that she is asleep I make the fatal error of laying my head down on the pillow in an attempt to catch some sleep.  This event seems to let her know that it is time to want to cuddle.  She is an exhausting trip sometimes.  I cannot help but hold her sometimes.  I know that there is that ever-present fear of “over” coddling, but I think that I am doing well with that.  It is just so amazing to see how much she has grown.  This was made evermore so evident with a feeding LATE Friday night / Saturday morning.  I must explain that due to some of the issues that Zoey has, we are STILL working on getting her to breastfeed.  I know that this has been particularly difficult for my wife, but her stalwart strength and determination ALWAYS takes my breath away.  This being said, we are still feeding her from a bottle.  Since we took the NG tube out we have been closely monitoring her feeding amounts.  Our first hurdle to make it over was looking at a 24 hour period for the amount, not per feeding, and that has been a saving grace of our strength and sanity.  Anyway, Zoey has been fairly consistent in taking about 60mL per feeling (with some lows mixed in there and very few higher than 65mL).  However, she awoke rather… restless to say the least.  I went through the motions (diaper change, play time, feed) and I had a bottle with about 20mL in it that was to be mixed with her vitamin’s, and I (in haste) made a bottle with 80mL in it to follow.  Well, in right around 20 minutes, little miss Zoey drank it all and found herself in a food coma much like the ones that we are accustomed to on thanksgiving.  100mL in ONE feeding, and trust me… she has not really slowed down. 

I AM A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and my world stops when I hold my daughter.

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