What does it mean to be a dad?

This subtle, deceiving
question is what I posed to myself when I started on this journey. In the last
two or three years it is quite possible that I have been presented with more
questions than answers to this one.  I
would like to take some time and try to enlighten you with my thoughts on the
matter.  I also would like to ask you
other dad’s out there to answer the same question.  You may be surprised with your answer, and
how it may be like or very much dislike others out there.  As I am always rather long-winded, and
attempt virtuous feats of prolific and heartfelt writing I am certain that this
will be a few posts long.  How long? I
guess time will tell.

The posts will be forthcoming;
it is ever so nice to finally have a queue of posts again.  So, keep an open mind, and your eyes peeled
for what may be some marvelously heartfelt writing, or perhaps utter malarkey, from
this dad… to you all.

scared out of my mind, and here comes yet another series presented by me… sigh.

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