What are the different types of of surgeries (currently) that are used to correct Craniosynostosis?

    We have done a fair amount of research in all matters relating to craniosynostosis.  Having a child born with the condition quickly opened oureyes into the world of cranio.  We have pulled from sources such as Seattle Children’s, Cincinnati Children’s, and our own experiences with our daughter.  We did our best to compile some explanations of what the surgeries are, what they entail, and when to expect them.  Click any of the links below to learn more (they are listed in order by age of the child). The ones with * are ones that Zoey has been through.

    *Strip Craniectomy

    Endoscopic Strip Craniectomy

    *Posterior Cranial Vault Distraction

    *Fronto-Orbital Advancement

    Le Fort III Advancement

    Monobloc Frontofacial Advancement

    Le Fort III and Monoblock Advancement by Distraction Osteogenesis

    Le Fort I Advancement, or Upper Jaw Advancement

    Mandibular Osteotomy

    Final Facial Contouring

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