#4D2SD A bike ride update

Could this really be? There was no way that he missed that.  Why? Why? At least it was early on.  But he had a good rhythm going, he was working through the pain.  How much more pain would this bring? It is not a matter of the pain being worth it, but still, it was more pain.

Doing something to better yourself is great.  Doing something to better yourself, and raise awareness of others is even better.  Though it is a drop in the bucket, for the last two weeks I have been riding my bike to help raise awareness for homeless families.  Specifically groups like Family Promise.  They truly do so much for those who have so little.

I was talking with another one of the dads that is doing this project, and he mentioned that his original route changed because he realized that he would not “be biking on highways”, so he used the bike route on google maps.  At first, I just logged this as something to consider.  Then, just yesterday, the group was chatting and the other dad that is biking said something similar.  This meant that I needed to do something… groupthink is a pain, am I right?

So, I took a look at the difference in routes and miles, made a few adjustments so I can stay on a route that may allow some things to happen down the road and…

My mileage went from a very respectful 2,640 miles


2,895 glorious miles.

But those of you that know me well, know that there is this crazy logic in my mind that tells me if it is close to something awesome, then shoot for that something awesome. This being said, I have decided to add insult to injury and I am now declaring that I will be riding a total of 3,000 miles to raise awareness for homeless families.  I will still be completing this trek BEFORE the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Diego next year.  I will be adding the 105 miles to the front of my trip, so when I reach ~100 miles… I will be back where I was two weeks ago.

But, here is the thing, it is for an amazing cause.  Start watching for that hashtag (#4D2DS) and you will be able to follow the journey of the four dads that are moving a combined 8,615 miles this year.  We are doing this because no child deserves to be homeless, and there is so much that we can be doing in our communities to help.  As dads we are voices for our children, we speak the legacy that we leave for them into existence.  So, it is with that voice that I am honored to be with a group of dads that want to raise awareness.

I am still hoping to save up enough to buy a road bike so I can enjoy the outdoors this summer.  My exercise bike is defiantly doing the job right now, can I take stock in Motrin?

I AM A CRANIO DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and I should be in fantastic shape next year… or unable to walk.

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