ALD Evaluation

Last Monday we took a family trip to a VCUHS satellite location that is dedicated to children’s therapy. This was the day before the eye surgery, and I mentally set it aside afterward to focus on the procedure. At the therapy center, Zoey was evaluated by an OT, a speech pathologist, and a training therapist for an assisted learning device. It’s essentially a tablet that is specifically designed to assist kids who have trouble with speech. It’s programmed with a system that provides spoken phrases using finger muscle memory in a series of keypads, much like typing on a keyboard. I was almost teary-eyed watching Zoey get so excited about her sudden, new-found vocabulary. As I worked on paperwork for the purchase order, she was eagerly searching for the words for all the zoo animals that were on the puzzle in front of her. Meanwhile, Cranio Dad was on David duty, and got his full workout as a jungle gym and tag partner. Unfortunately we won’t get a home device for ourselves for a long time. The full process of paperwork traveling from therapist to doctor to insurance to device provider, before the device is finally shipped to us, is estimated to take 3-4 months. Slightly longer than ideal, but I am so excited for Zoey to have some new encouragement in expressing herself. Personally, I can also only say the same word so many times anymore before my patience goes out the window. If Zoey can carry around a device that helps her develop her words more consistently while also communicating with others, score for all of us!

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