Buffy is back!

Yesterday we received news that Buffy was done and ready for pick up!  I am not going to lie, it kind of made my day.  So, I opted to pick up my my daughters beloved stuffed animal on the way home from work.  I, personally, elected not to look in the bag to see how she looked until my daughter would see her.

So, I picked her up, got home, and now I am going to let the pictures tell the story.


She was and is still so happy to have her Buffy back.  I am as well.  I was smiling from ear to ear as this happened as well as through the remainder of the evening while she carted her around everywhere.  As a reminder… Buffy looked like this before:


worn, torn, empty, missing an arm and nose, but not done loving.  I cannot believe the work that has been done to her.  I am floored as to how well she looks.  Having stuffed animals is important for many children.  For children who have craniosynostosis, there is an added need.  When the children have the surgeries that they do, more often than not their heads swell so much that their eyes often swell shut.  Buffy has been there for me through it all.  Since Zoey went through her first surgery, Buffy has been there.  She is taken back into the Operating Room with her.  Once she falls asleep, Buffy is placed near by, watching over her charge in an unblinking, unwavering way.  As soon as the surgery is done, they tuck Buffy back under her arm, so she is there when she wakes up.

I cannot express adequately how happy it makes me to have been able to give Buffy on to my daughter, that Zoey has a love for Buffy that makes me simile, and that though she was loved to pieces… she is home and ready to continue her mission.

Welcome home old girl, even if only for a day, you have been missed.

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