Happy Birthday to my Beloved

This is something that I posted on Facebook EARLY this morning.  I have decided to unashamedly share it here as an open declaration of love for my beloved bride, on her birthday.

Will you allow me to interrupt your day, for just a moment? You see, I want to tell you about this beautiful woman right here.


Today she turns 32 years old, and my stars she has aged gracefully. I have been blessed to know her just under six years. In that time I have known her as a co-worker, a friend, a girl friend, a fiancée, a bride, and the mother of my children. In each and every role, she has been awesome. This may pale in comparison to the length in time that some of you out there have known her, and that makes me a little jealous. But, this is not about me. Let me tell you about the awesomeness that is my beloved, my bride, my best friend, KatiAnn.

2028 days. For that time she has been my bride, and I her husband. This time has given me (at least) 2028 more reasons to love her. Every day there is something new, and every day is important. We have had many, many, many days of laughter and joy. We have had days where she has laid her burdens upon me, and let me be her rock. We have had days where she has been my rock. There have been days that we have held each other complexly taken aback by the awesomeness of life. And even days that we have held another, crying, crumpling to the floor of a hospital as they take our little one back for surgery (yeah… those kind of days).

In fact, for the last 1542 days she has shown me how awesome of a mother she is. Her compassion and love runs deep, as does her strength. Even in moments that she thinks are of weakness, she shines above so many others in her motherhood. She has been resilient, she has been stalwart, and she continues to be mind-blowingly awesome at it. In fact, for 959 days she has been a mother of two VERY active kiddos. AND in somewhere around 60 – 70 days we will make that three (though she is hopping for one that is FAR less active… and I do not blame her).

But through it all we have never forgotten that we are together. We have held close to each other in God’s grace, and watched the world turn. If pressed with the age old question of “is it perfect?” the answer is simple. No. But, she is perfect for me… I never, ever tire of telling her it. Even on this one day, the first of her being 32.

Thank you for the moment that you afforded me to tell you about this awesome woman, on this awesome day. Take some time and wish her happy birthday!

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