Cranio Dad’s 2018 Reading Challenge

So, the other day, I reached out on Facebook. I asked for 52 books that I have not read, first come first serve. All to get back into it. One book a week. That is my goal. Well, my friends responded rapidly. So, here is the list (below). These are the books, and the order that I will be reading them in. Additionally, I will be posting a SHORT synopsis (300 words or less, directly correlated to the length and complexity of the topic(s) covered in the book) the week after reading it. I will most likely give each book a 1-10 rating and include a link to the book for any that are interested. Once each post is completed, I will update the list below to where the title will be the hyper link (trying to make things easy to find)/

I ask that you help keep me accountable on this. If you are not seeing a post on Monday or Tuesday, call me out on it. I miss reading, and I want my kids to see me entrenched with it as they are reaching their formative years of reading. 2017 was a wild ride, and I know that 2018 is going to be crazy. But, let’s all make the best of it. New year, new slate, new book… not just an empty page. May 2018 be amazing for all of you. If you are looking for me, my nose will be in a book.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind always.


The Book List of Awesomeness

Book Title Author Finish By Finished
1 The Giver Lois Lowry 1/6/2018 1/2/2018
2 Gathering Blue Lois Lowry 1/13/2018 1/5/2018
3 Messenger Lois Lowry 1/20/2018  1/8/2018
4 Son Lois Lowry 1/27/2018  1/26/2018
5 Crash the Chatterbox Steven Furtick 2/3/2018  2/1/2018
6 I Will Carry You Angie and Todd Smith 2/10/2018  2/8/2018
7 The Goal Eliyahu Goldratt 2/17/2018  2/17/2018
8 The Alienist Caleb Carr 2/24/2018  2/22/2018
9 The Magician: Apprentice Raymond Feist 3/3/2018  3/3/2018
10 The Magician: Master Raymond Feist 3/10/2018  3/9/2018
11 Time Traveler’s Wife Audrey Niffenegger 3/17/2018  3/16/2018
12 The Art of Learning Josh Waitzkin 3/24/2018  3/22/2018
13 The Remains of the Day Kazuo Ishiguro 3/31/2018  3/28/2018
14 Appointment with Death Agatha Christie 4/7/2018  4/4/2018
15 Jesus Land Julia Scheeres 4/14/2018  4/12/2018
16 The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling Henry Fielding 4/21/2018  4/19/2018
17 The Bone Clocks David C. Mitchell 4/28/2018  4/23/2018
18 On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Steven King 5/5/2018  5/2/2018
19 The Perks of Being a Wallflower Stephen Chobosky 5/12/2018  5/10/2018
20 The Sin of White Supremacy Jeannine Hill 5/19/2018  
21 The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingslover 5/26/2018  
22 A New Kind of Christian Brian McLaren 6/2/2018  
23 The Last Arrow Erwin McGinnis 6/9/2018  
24 Ghost Soldiers Hampton Sides 6/16/2018  
25 The Color of Magic Terry Prachett 6/23/2018  
26 House of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski 6/30/2018  
27 Argall: The True Story of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith William T. Vollmann 7/7/2018  
28 The Ocean at the End of the Lane Neil Gaiman 7/14/2018  
29 Dragon Teeth Michael Chriton 7/21/2018  
30 Cat’s Cradle Kurt Vonnegut 7/28/2018  
31 Contagious Jonah Berger 8/4/2018  
32 Cryptonimicon Neal Stephenson 8/11/2018  
33 Outlive Your Life Max Lucado 8/18/2018  
34 Storm Front Jim Butcher 8/25/2018  
35 1632 Eric Flint 9/1/2018  
36 Inverted World Christopher Priest 9/8/2018  
37 The Magicians Lev Grossman 9/15/2018  
38 Astrophysics for People in a Hurry Neil deGrasse Tyson 9/22/2018  
39 Some Buried Caesar Rex Stout 9/29/2018  
40 Invisible Cities Italo Calvino 10/6/2018  
41 Jennifer Government Max Berry 10/13/2018  
42 Liberty Defined Ron Paul 10/20/2018  
43 The Heart Goes Last Margaret Atwood 10/27/2018  
44 The Circus of the Earth and the Air Brooke Stevens 11/3/2018  
45 The Three Body Problem Cixin Liu 11/10/2018  
46 Boneshaker Cherie Priest 11/17/2018  
47 Leave it to Jeeves PG Wodehouse 11/24/2018  
48 Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea Guy Delisle 12/1/2018  
49 The Stupidest Angel Christopher Moore 12/8/2018  
50 At the Mountains of Madness HP Lovecraft 12/15/2018  
51 Unholy Night Seth Grahame-Smith 12/22/2018  
52 Prodigal Summer Barbara Kingslover 12/29/2018