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Hey Everyone, Cranio Dad Here-

I started blogging when KatiAnn and I found out that we were going to be parents. It was an awesome and stressful time, as it is for many. I took to social media seeking out the answer to the all-encompassing question, “What does it take to be a good dad?”.  Starting my journey with that question in mind, and I am still looking for all of the answers to it. I know that I may never have THE answer, or even scratch the surface of all of them.  However, the knowledge that I glean all goes to help my children. I want to raise my boys to become men that will make amazing husbands and fathers.  I also want to give my daughter a marker by which all can be compared against.  Something bigger than me.

I do my best to capture the good, and the bad moments about being a dad. I cross the line that many fear to, and discuss the things that make me feel like I could do better.  But I try to balance that with the things that I hope my kids remember as good things.

Why Cranio Dad?

When our daughter was born I realized that there were voices of dad’s who have children with Craniosynostosis. I had nowhere to turn to seek answers that only dads seemed to be asking. It did not take me long to see what I needed to do. Since my daughter is such a superhero to me, I would return the favor and use my voice. I aim to be the voice for the voiceless. I also hope to be a resource and an ear for all dads who have a child with Cranio.

Parenting is tough.  Things that are easy are not worth it. I am a father to three amazing children that are teaching me how deep love can be. My kids are also helping me learn a fair amount about patience. I am also the husband to an unbelievably beautiful wife, I am so lucky she picked me. I am humbled, broken and striving for answers to questions that many never ask. Undaunted, I will take every step needed to ensure that my children learn from me how to live big, love bigger and to be kind, always.


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