Welcome Home

There was a moment. The likelihood of both of us being in the place we met was very slim. Working there together, even less so. Rarely this synchronous and electric moment seems like a lifetime ago for our family. More frequently it feels like a scarce few heartbeats have passed. Many would say that the moment we met was by pure chance. There was no reason for Kati to even give Michael the time of day. She was focused and not looking for new relationships. He was, however, very persistent. He was consistent, he was patient, he was kind.  Somehow, he won her over. In the time that has since passed, life together has been its unique brand of chaotic.

The kiss

For a little over five years we have been blogging individually in some way, shape, or form. We each began upon finding out that we were going to become parents. Not knowing the path that we were facing, or of the peaks and valleys that we have since overcome, we faced this challenge boldly. Side by side, holding hands, staring into the unknown we walked step-by-step.  Our family has grown, our knowledge has expanded, and our love has become effervescent. In all that we do, we strive to raise our family knowing life, love, and kindness.

Why is our family doing this now?

Based on a suggestion from a dear friend, Spike , we began to unify our blogging. We want to present our blog in a way that reflects how we are in life. Unified, together, and hand-in-hand.  Similarly, we were watching another dear friend’s vlog, Justin & Sarah, and he mentioned how they are focused on telling a story with each video.  So, it is here, in this moment, that we are striving to do just the same.

We are pulling back the veil on what life is like when you have a child with Craniosynostosis.  Letting you see how our life is just as crazy, hectic, and full of awesomeness as countless other parents. We want to share with you a story with each post. To show you both the struggles and the joys that make up each day. We want to become episodic, for your enjoyment, and for our keepsakes.

So, welcome home.  In this home we strive every day to teach our children, our friends, and ourselves to…

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.