Le Fort I advancement, or upper jaw advancement

Le Fort I advancement, or upper jaw advancement (age: 14-18 years)

The Le Fort I advancement procedure is performed when your child reaches skeletal maturity to do a final correction of the bite. This procedure requires presurgical and postsurgical orthodontics

A plastic surgeon and specialized craniofacial orthodontist will work together to pre-align the teeth. This orthodontic work ensures maximum improvement of the malocclusion upon completion of the procedure.

The Le Fort I procedure typically requires two to three hours of operative time with a two to three day hospital stay. In some children with severe facial anomalies, the Le Fort I may be accompanied by an osteotomy of the lower jaw or mandible.

In some patients the midface will be adequately positioned by a prior Le Fort III or Monobloc advancement and a Le Fort I procedure may not be needed. Most patients will still require orthodontic treatment.