Le Fort III advancement

Le Fort III advancement (age: 4-8 years or 9-12 years)

The midface deformity found in many forms of syndromic craniosynostosis may be treated by this midface advancement procedure. The Le Fort III advancement involves cutting and repositioning the lower eye sockets and the remainder of the midface in a forward position.

Le Fort III advancements are typically performed as a single stage procedure in which the bone is advanced forward and bone grafts are placed in the gaps during the same surgery. It can also be combined with distraction osteogenesis in circumstances when bone deficiency and soft tissue forces preclude a single stage.

Patients who undergo this procedure when they’re in the 4 to 8 age range may need another surgery in the teenage years. For patients with less severe cases, waiting until a later age can decrease the need for another major midface advancement surgery.