Updates, Updates, SOOOOOO many Updates

We are STILL getting caught up on everything.  It does not help that we are at the busiest part of the year.

We have started the slew of birthdays for our extended family.  We average one a week for the next two months. Seriously.

There is also the garden, that is starting to come along nicely.

Plus there is the general building, fixing, creating, making, that we all do.

I also have some projects that should be starting soon, and I still need to share my most recent.


Life, all-in-all, is awesome! We are not complaining, but we hope to get back to all the things soon.


Thanks for hanging in there and helping us…


Live big, love bigger and be kind, always.

Updating… and beginning to write (again)

I have been busy updating some of my static pages here. After updating all the other social media accounts I left the best for last. But, that is all coming to a close. This means that I will be back on the daily posting wagon again soon.

It is interesting the state that having a newborn has brought our home too.  My beloved and I are doing an awesome job with the transition.  To be honest, so are the older kiddos.


Zoey is a little mama bear.  She is the first on hand to help with diapers, and loves picking out clothes for her little brother.


David is still the champion of his heart on his sleeve. Any time that Jacob cries, he wants to be there.  He will get right next to him and pat his back, or share his cars with him.

I guess that is the upside to being a Cranio Dad.  Though there is a ton of fear the precedes a new baby once you have one with cranio, it does some good. It makes the transition home easier because you have driven yourself crazy preparing for the ‘possibilities’.  Regardless, I am happy to spend time teaching my kiddos, even the one that is ONLY TWO WEEKS OLD TODAY to

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.