#4D2SD, an update!

Just wanted to put out there that I have now biked over 800 miles in my effort to raise awareness for homeless families.

My legs are eternally sore, but I am doing what I can.  I am also trying to save up money for a road bike. Everytime I get close to having enough, something comes up.  This exercise in patience is driving me crazy.

I am looking forward to being able to “take this show on the road” in a very literal sense. I am going to try to put up fifty mile by the end of this weekend.

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This happened the other day…

SO, I have shared this on the group facebook page, as well as my facebook… but I needed to put something here.  Something to remind myself that not only did this happen, but that I did it.


For those of you that have questions about this… please allow me to explain.  Shortly after #dad2summit an idea to do something different was hatched by one of the dad’s that I was honored to have met.  He wanted to ride his bike the same distance from his home in Florida to San Degio (where the summit is being held next year) and blog about it… to raise awareness for homeless families and this amazing group Family Promise.

I jumped on board as fast as I could.  I have set my goal to be the distance from my house in Richmond Virginia all the way to San Diego.  When I saw that the mileage would look better (at least to me) to stretch that distance by about 100 miles and make it an even 3000, I moved the needle.  As it stands, that would be (almost) from coast to coast.  I have been in contact and still working on some time to meet the amazing folks at Family Promise Roanoke (http://familypromiseroanoke.org/) who I am honored to be riding on behalf of.

All in, there are four of us.  Spike is walking the distance from Las Vegas to San Diego, TWICE, for his amazing twin boys.  Jay is walking and biking the distance from Detroit. Scotty (who started it all) is biking from Florida to San Diego. Then there is me.  Just to save you the brain cells and headaches….

8615 Miles

Why, to help get the word out that THIS is a problem.  That a child having a clean butt should not be a luxury. That there is this group that does all that it can to stand in the gap, and they need our help.  They need clothes, food, toiletries (INCLUDING DIAPERS), home goods, and volunteers.  I, for one, am looking forward to getting out to Roanoke and meeting with the folks there, talking to some of the families, and letting them know that this guy with a LOUD voice is raising it to help them.

Check out the guys that I am working on this with and send them some love.

Jay – @InkedUpDad

Scotty – @DiaperDads

Spike – @doubletrbldaddy

And like our page on facebook to stay current with what we are doing, and perhaps find ways to get involved. https://www.facebook.com/4D2SD/

I have said it before, and I will always remind all of you… this fat guy is busting his but on a stationary bike (and will be adding a rowing machine and road bike soon) because he feels we should do more………… what are you doing to help?


#4D2SD, an update from a pain riddled body

VERY sore, but getting caught up. Ironically my brother challenged me to 20k a day for 40 days, which I am glad I am doing on a stationary. This pace has been wrecking shop on my body, but it ends Tuesday (whew).
To date I have biked 584/3000 miles twords my goal. I am blessed to be able to do this on a bike, in my home, regardless of the nasty weather. But, for so many families out there that do not have such comforts, there is a group called Family Promise that is there to help them get back on track. I may just be some guy riding his bike, bit I challenge you to see what you are doing to raise awareness, and to help those who need it.
Now, it is time for my motrin, water and bed, for tomorrow I ride some more.

#4D2SD update 4-17-16

I cannot believe I have already/only biked 370 miles! Why do I out it that way? Well, time is flying. I am feel better and better after each ride. To look back and realize that I am over 10% of the way to my goal is awesome.

It is also terrifying. I am only 10% of the way there and there is still 2700 miles to go. That is A LOT of miles for this fat guy.

However, I constantly remind myself why I am doing this. That every night there are countless  family’s that do not have a home. That there are children that think a clean diaper and a warm bed is a luxury. That there is a group called Family Promise that is doing something to change that.

#4D2SD Well….

I did not ride yesterday.  I know, I know, “No Excuses” but I decided that I needed to focus on my daughter for her birthday.  After hopping the kiddos up on sugar all day… when they finally went down, I was too exhausted to even try.

So, HELLO (at least) 24.8 miles tonight…. How are YOU doing?

Sometimes it is all about motivation…

I am still kind of bummed out about the whole recalculation of the distance thing for my #4D2SD ride.  But, one of my dear brothers gave me the kick in the butt that I needed.

Though life has been crazy, and I have not (truly) had time for much these last few days, my brother challenged me to do 20K a day for the entire month.  See, he and I have the same bike, and similar disruptions (IE… our beautiful, awesome, and amazing kiddos). This is what I needed to force the time that I did not think that I had.  Plus, it will give a real shot in the arm for the mileage that I am adding to the books.

No bones about it, 3000 miles is FAR…. real far.  But, having my little brother challenge me to ride more, and ride consistently should help me get this back up and running. So, for the next 30 days I will be doing all that I can to ride 20K (12.43 miles) a day.  I will do my best to let you all know when I will be on Periscope, and I will also do my best to Snapchat.

I AM A CRANIO DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and this IS going to be awesome.

#4D2SD *sigh* Updates complete

So, where I was thinking that I had already biked 251.4 miles towards my 3000 mile goal…. I applied a flat 30% reduction (since the difference is 70.692% between the two measurements) and now…. I have only completed 176.3 miles.

Thankfully runkeeper has the ability to edit, so those edits have been made as well.  I just lost 75.1 miles folks.

While this is nothing to shake a stick at… it is some crazy motivation for me to get on the bike (for a long time) for the next few days. So, after some sulking, and getting the kiddos to bed, my butt is getting on the bike.  I will be on periscope and snapchat to the best of my abilities. I am reminding myself that I am doing this to raise awareness for homeless families.  Because there are children out there that do not know where they are sleeping, or where their next meal is coming from.  Because a clean butt is not a luxury for a baby. Because no child ever made a bad decision that caused their family to end up homeless. And, mostly, because there is an awesome group out there called Family Promise, that is doing all they can to help those families each and every day.

I ride, in my home, because I am a voice for the voiceless.  My transformation, my weight loss, my better mental state is my billboard for the need for society to take a moment to remember that this situation exists.

I AM A CRANIO DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and it is time to fuel this frustration into peddling energy.

#4D2SD Looks like some recalibration may be in order…

Many have been telling me that based on how I feel when I get off the bike, and the fact that the numbers just are not adding up, that I should recalibrate and adjust to the lower amount.

So, I will spend the evening doing math, removing data, and figuring out how far I have really gone twords my 3000 mile goal for #familypromise.

And then I will drink a beer.

Or two.