We visited the pediatrician a second time on the 29th.  Zoey is now almost 20″ long and 7 lbs 10 oz.  She was really interested in the medical instruments on the wall.  Zoey has been having some trouble digesting formula, which we have supplemented to help her gain weight.  Hopefully she will adjust within the next few weeks and begin to pass stool more easily before our follow up visit in June.  We may need to experiment with another type of formula if she doesn’t adapt by then.  The circumference of Zoey’s head has also grown a few centimeters.  This is a good sign that we will be able to continue putting off her craniofacial surgery until she is older and more resilient.  Before we left, Zoey had her first round of vaccinations.  She did really well and only cried for a few minutes.