5 lessons learned during my first 5 months of motherhood

    1) Love isn’t just about drying tears and wiping noses.  It’s about picking them up and holding them until you know why the tears were there to begin with.

    2) Doctors can be very helpful, but no one knows your child like you.  Also, there is ALWAYS hope, whether anyone else sees it or not.

    3) Schedules are great, but unexpected challenges in the day are more fun and more memorable.  Conveniently both happen simultaneously.

    4) Everyone in your house has a breaking point.  You will find them all.  Try to manage it so that at least one person is sane at all times.  It’s sad when you find that the most patient one is the dog.

    5) The most fun word to teach that expresses frustration: RAWR!

    Baby ALERT

    This is an ALERT of the I Am Going To Be A Dad, and I Am Scared Out Of My Mind baby GENDER alert system. This ALERT has been issued because the IAGTBAD forecasting system has been alerted to an inbound ultra-sound system. This system has a history of causing joy, fear, happiness, and elation as caused by detailed pictures and sound. This system is expected to arrive at the RVAVB vicinity in 20 to 30 minuets. Please stay tuned to this Tumblr for future updates and progress of this system. It is recommended that in preparation for this system that family members keep their cell phones on and at the ready, while followers keep checking in for the assessment of this system. Again, This is an ALERT of the I Am Going To Be A Dad, and I Am Scared Out Of My Mind baby GENDER alert system.

    Neat Fact

    My wife pointed this out to me the other day, and it is just so amazing that I had to share;

    My child is about one inch tall, it has fingers and toes, and has started to grow hair, fingernails and toenails.

    Talk about things that take your breath away.

    I AM GOING TO BE A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and the thought that my child is developing the way that it is makes me fall to my knees… and be proud and thankful for the awesomeness of this moment.