Day 22: The Hobby You Wish You Had.

Yet another exercise in futility. When it comes to hobbies, if it is something that interests me, I do it. Even if I am not good at it, I try. So, let us make this our own thing. One hobby that I have, that I am working towards expanding, is carpentry. I am becoming more and more adept in working on things around the house. Countless projects seem to force me to hone my skills… weekly. But, to create. To take raw materials and make something useful, beautiful, and inspiring. That is the goal for me.

I have discussed with my beloved that there will come a time which I will start projects with each child. One-on-one we will work together on something awesome. This project is aside from things like tables, chairs, fixing and mending. I want to spend time, using only hand tools, and build a small boat with each of them.

I have been following along with some channels and blogs that discuss building your own boats. There is a deep hope within me that plan on making a Tenderly 10-foot Dinghy with each child. Letting them learn how to use the hand tools, read plans, and create. Let the design speak to them, and have them learn all that they can. Then, when complete, have this time where we christen the boat, and they call it their own. Taking it out, and perhaps learning to love the water even more.

It is a hobby, and a dream.

I try not to cloud this dream with wistful hopes of perfection. I know that it will take time, and that the skills to be acquired will be demanding. But, I also understand that there is going to be so much value in the lessons that we will learn. Holding fast to the look on their faces when they put the craft into the water, I continue to work towards honing my hobby.  Perhaps, in a closer reading of my Day 21 post, their ships will be alongside ours as we begin that journey.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always


Now, I had some time to write this week, but that has caused my queue to back up a little.  That’s right, I go from not posting enough to posting too much.  Now, I know that I could just change the settings, but I like the way that this is working thus far.  I lead off with this because I am writing this post not knowing how the ultrasound is going to go.  Anyway;

I am waiting for this ultrasound to launch into a couple of other projects that I have decided to work on.  There is the daunting task of painting the nursery.  I know that paining in the winter is not the best… but I am sure that things will be fine.  I am excited to start taking photos of the nursery and to update you on the work in progress.  There is also the bassinet.  I had this crazy idea that I wanted to make my daughters bassinet. Now, I am planning on trying to get a hold of my dad and see what we can do.  I just think that it is an awesome idea to make the cradle that my children are going to sleep in with my own two hands.  I have decided that I am going to put our last name on the headboard of the bassinet itself and then make a slide in piece that will have the child’s name on it.  This will allow for multiple uses (that was my wife’s idea, she is the one that is thinking ahead on this one).  But that is also something that I would like to have done in the next couple of months.  Then, there is the email.  Gmail has this commercial that I think is an awesome idea.  So, I figured that I would try it.  I am going to create an email for my daughter and write to her.  I am going to tell her about what things she was going though, what I was feeling, words of advice that I want to give her.  Then, some day way down the road, I will get her the log in and password.  I have discussed this idea with my wife and she is completely ok with it being just something that I get to do (yeah, she is awesome like that).  I guess that while I am just pensively waiting for the ultrasound to take place, to show me that things ARE, in fact, ok; that I just wanted to talk about some of the awesome things that I will get to do in the near future to further prepare for my daughter’s birth.  I AM GOING TO BE A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and sometimes when I get nervous I look at what I have planned and think of how much fun it will truly be.