#Sigh, getting caught up.

Blah, blah, blah, life is crazy. But in all honesty, we are rapidly approaching the due date for #4. For the last several weeks we have been rolling through the checklist of things before we become a family of six.

Such a daunting number.


Four kids teeming with life and wonder. Two adults living on coffee and love.

It is crazy to think that in what seems like yesterday we were excited to have one. Now, in a few short weeks, our fourth will be here. Our little home will be bursting at the seems, as will our hearts. This journey has been far quicker than the previous three. Continually fighting the hands on the clock to slow down, trying to capture the milestones. Meanwhile watching the other three grow and develop. It is both exhausting and invigorating.

But I am finally in a place to post some of the backlogged book reviews (yes, I am still reading a book a week for my 2018 Reading Challenge).  So, sorry in advance for the flurry of posts that you are about to see. Afterall, posting reviews for books 12-19 will be awesome. Perhaps I should stagger them a bit. We will see.


We hope to resume some level of reasonable posting in the days to come. Perhaps after our, MUCH NEEDED, short family vacation this weekend.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

A quick update on all things

Things, as always, have been nothing short of chaos for the first half of this month. There are times that my beloved and I just want to kick back, relax, and breathe a little.  But, no, that is not how things are.

  1. I think that we were a little taken aback by how much the daily vlogs for Cranio Acceptance Month were going to wipe us out. It took us over a week to just recover from the grind.
  2. We were able to take a small vacation to the beach with the family. It was a much needed break. Kati and I were on the tail end of exhaustion. But it was so good to be able to see the family.
  3. I am preparing to run a rather large group for Dungeons & Dragons. This is extremely exciting, but there is so much work that goes into running a game. I have worked hard to update and reconfigure my home office to accommodate for game night. Now, I have a little over a week, to test all of the systems and prepare for awesomeness.
  4. Kati has been doing an awesome job for her role as an Usborne consultant. She has learned a ton, in very short time. Every party that she hosts is exiting. It does often mean that our conversations late at night are dominated by ideas, but I think it is cute and I love it.
  5. Zoey has lost her hearing aids twice in the last three weeks. Want to know what can stop everything in a household. Have a $2500 medical device go missing. These are critical because Zoey has been doing such an amazing job with her speech therapy. From the moment that she has put her ‘super ears’ in she has rocked it.
  6. Jacob is nearly walking. By that, I mean he is at 6-7 steps in a row. It is amazing to see the look on his face when he is walking around. His smile is amazing.
  7. Both Zoey and David are killing it with homeschool this semester. David is doing an amazing job with addition and subtraction. Both are starting to read. Considering that neither would be in school yet (Virginia law states that if a child is going to start, the must start by the year that they are six), I am ecstatic at what they can do.
  8. Last but not least, we were surprised to find out that our daughter will have her yearly craniofacial clinic in early November, rather than December. For those that read my beloveds post about cranio, this is when things get real for us. We know that there are more surgeries coming, we are exactly where they said we would be when forecasting when we would be discussing the next one. My heart… well, my heart resides in my children, but I do not know if my body can take the stress that I am feeling right now. I am sure that we will talk about that more once we know more.
  9. Seven years ago (last week) my beloved and I went on our first date. Time flies, make sure you live in the little moments.

That is all I have for you guys right now. Thanks for hanging in there on our crazy, chaotic, life. We are doing the best we can to…

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

12 Weeks…. Seriously???

So, much like everything else that is going on in my life I am a bit late… one or two days.

The closure of the first trimester upon us and it has been a more and more exciting, crazy, scary, exhausting, time consuming, wonderful, love filled, planning, freaking out, incredible, busy 3 (ish) months.  I am one who like to use milestones form time to time to see where I have been, where I have come to and where I would like to go.  So, I am still having the best time possible living in the whimsical exhaustive state that is enlightened by the fact that I AM GOING TO BE A DAD!  Even on some of my worse days this trimester… it still makes me smile.  Life is picking up steam as we work towards the end of the year, nothing abnormal there.  We are starting to get ready for the move next month to a bigger, baby conducive place, and getting tired just thinking about it. My wife and I had an interesting conversation that was possible thanks to an impromptu “stay at home” night.  We are realizing that we are still focusing on different things from each other.

My analogy, and let me be completely clear that this is my analogy…lol, is that I am worried about five to ten years from now and she is worried about what she is going to eat in five to ten minutes. we were able to talk about some of the changes that are going to be taking place in our lives as we draw closer and closer, and NO it is not that we are just going to have a baby (which is the BEST part).  The problem when two nerds get married is that you have rational and legitimate conversations about changes in the division of labor and work flow… seriously.  I am proud to say that my wife did an excellent job of holding the conversation considering that she has been exhausted beyond belief and reason.  She does all that she can, and that it more than I would ever ask.  It is her way of testing her metal for when we have a little one scurrying around the house.  I am seeing the doctor’s appointment on the dry erase board move closer and closer… and with that movement comes more and more anxiousness.  Fervent prayers have been flying over the last few days, and sleep has been lacking.  But I am sure that between school, work, home, family, friends, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, jiu-jitsu, dieting, moving, contemplating starting a barbershop quartet and anything else that comes my way that there will be some time for sleep at some point.

I had an interesting analogy come to light when I heard the baby stats of the week from my wife as she put them on her blog.  Now apparently what she said is that the baby is about as tall as a plumb and her uterus is the size of a grapefruit… however, thanks to exhaustion and a mind that moves faster than my ears or lips…. I may or may not have said something along the lines of “Like a turducken!” For those of you that do not know what that is or why my wife may have shot me a rather upset look.  A turducken is a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey and I leapt to a plum stuffed in a grapefruit stuffed in my wife… yeah… not the best thing to say.

But, guess what…

I AM GOING TO BE A DAD! I am scared out of my mind, and I am already blaming my lack of sleep on some of the dumb things that I say.