#Sigh, getting caught up.

Blah, blah, blah, life is crazy. But in all honesty, we are rapidly approaching the due date for #4. For the last several weeks we have been rolling through the checklist of things before we become a family of six.

Such a daunting number.


Four kids teeming with life and wonder. Two adults living on coffee and love.

It is crazy to think that in what seems like yesterday we were excited to have one. Now, in a few short weeks, our fourth will be here. Our little home will be bursting at the seems, as will our hearts. This journey has been far quicker than the previous three. Continually fighting the hands on the clock to slow down, trying to capture the milestones. Meanwhile watching the other three grow and develop. It is both exhausting and invigorating.

But I am finally in a place to post some of the backlogged book reviews (yes, I am still reading a book a week for my 2018 Reading Challenge).  So, sorry in advance for the flurry of posts that you are about to see. Afterall, posting reviews for books 12-19 will be awesome. Perhaps I should stagger them a bit. We will see.


We hope to resume some level of reasonable posting in the days to come. Perhaps after our, MUCH NEEDED, short family vacation this weekend.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

Arghhh… back at work.

I promise to post a longer update soon.  It is my second day back at work since #3 was born… and I still just want to be home to help.

I am also working on a few cranio-centric updates as it is Craniosynostosis Awareness Month.

Chaos is beautify exhausting sometimes.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

Catching Up…

As of right now, at this very moment, as I type these words on this screen,  I am now caught up.  Just in time to get ready for Zoey turning a month old!  It is going to be fun, and good for the soul to look back and see all of the progress that my darling snuggle bug has made.  I am also going to make a point to point out all that my wife has done.  She is far more gracious about things, but that does not mean that I have to be.  As for now, back to work.  It will be good to get home to all of my ladies tonight (come on people, wife, daughter and dog).

I AM A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and I LOVE MY FAMILY.

Catching Up…

So, now we are up to last week.  So much has gone on that things are blurry.  During the bulk of last week my wife and I continued to try to figure out a schedule (of sorts).  Beautiful Zoey seems to have learned so many things in her three weeks of life.  Things like, when it is my shift, and I think that she is asleep I make the fatal error of laying my head down on the pillow in an attempt to catch some sleep.  This event seems to let her know that it is time to want to cuddle.  She is an exhausting trip sometimes.  I cannot help but hold her sometimes.  I know that there is that ever-present fear of “over” coddling, but I think that I am doing well with that.  It is just so amazing to see how much she has grown.  This was made evermore so evident with a feeding LATE Friday night / Saturday morning.  I must explain that due to some of the issues that Zoey has, we are STILL working on getting her to breastfeed.  I know that this has been particularly difficult for my wife, but her stalwart strength and determination ALWAYS takes my breath away.  This being said, we are still feeding her from a bottle.  Since we took the NG tube out we have been closely monitoring her feeding amounts.  Our first hurdle to make it over was looking at a 24 hour period for the amount, not per feeding, and that has been a saving grace of our strength and sanity.  Anyway, Zoey has been fairly consistent in taking about 60mL per feeling (with some lows mixed in there and very few higher than 65mL).  However, she awoke rather… restless to say the least.  I went through the motions (diaper change, play time, feed) and I had a bottle with about 20mL in it that was to be mixed with her vitamin’s, and I (in haste) made a bottle with 80mL in it to follow.  Well, in right around 20 minutes, little miss Zoey drank it all and found herself in a food coma much like the ones that we are accustomed to on thanksgiving.  100mL in ONE feeding, and trust me… she has not really slowed down. 

I AM A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and my world stops when I hold my daughter.

Catching up…

Tuesday was our first trip to her new pediatrician.  I was able to attend over a LONG lunch break.  Following suit of the host of doctors and specialist that Zoey has already seen, Dr. Ramesh is amazing.  Little one was, at that point in time 4.8oz OVER her birth weight!  I have to admit, tears came to my eyes when I saw this.  I am so proud of my little girl.  Dr. Ramesh decided that since Zoey has a TON of appointments lined up over the next few months that it would not be needed for him to see her as frequent as one might think.  In fact, the next time we go in is for Zoey’s 2month check up and shots! I agree with him in that if SOMETHING were to be going wrong, we will be seeing people frequently enough that it WILL be caught…  but if needed he is only a call or email away.

I mentioned that this appointment was over lunch as it was finally my first day back at work.  This day was rough for me.  Not because of the questions, or the hugs (I am a hugger, so this is always a plus), it was rough purely because of the haze that I found myself in.  hedging on the border of sleeplessness, and longing to be home to help my wife and to be with my daughter (both of whom I was around for almost 2 weeks straight) really messed with me more than I thought it would.  But, I made it through the day in one peace.  I did not go to Toastmasters, though I am sorry that I missed it.

I AM A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and going to work is hard when there is a darling daughter and a beautiful wife waiting at home.

Catching up…

We took the next day to ourselves, figuring out rotations, letting little one grow accustomed to her home.  It was a good day.  Then came Monday.  Now, I was to head back to work, however, I think Zoey had plans.  Sunday night into Monday morning was most likely the LEAST amount of sleep that the all three of us have had since Zoey was born.  It was close to 530 Monday morning when I tried to go to sleep, deciding that 30 minutes would not be enough for me to bank for me to have any level of functionality or serve any purpose at work… I called out.  At least once I woke up later that morning we were granted another amazing family day! 

I cannot fully express how much my love for Zoey grows.  It perplexes me from time to time the amount of love, joy and compassion that I have for my amazing little girl, and how every moment there seems to be more of these emotions than the last. 

I AM A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, so what did they mean about the twilight weeks?

Catching up…

That first night… we ALL slept like royalty.  I do not think that my wife and I had slept as well as we did Saturday night.  I also think that Zoey had not slept as well as she did that night.  There was just something about being in our home that made things so much better.  Though there are MANY of the staff at the NICU that we miss, it is good to be home.

I AM A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and there is something so peaceful in the little breathing from the bassinet at the end of our bed.

Catching up…

So much to catch up on.  It is hard to believe that my little girl is three weeks old today.  I guess that God saw it fit to give me time to write tonight.  For some reason, as I am sure we will all find out later, all of the power in the surrounding RVA area has gone out.  Little one is asleep, and the wife is getting ready for the household shift change.  So, I will write until I have to take over, or the battery runs out on my laptop.  That aside…

Zoey Kathryn was released after nearly two weeks in the NICU to come home.  Let me tell you a few things about that trip home.  First, I have never carried such a precious cargo.  Second, Downtown to the west end has NEVER felt like such a long drive.  Third, Taking the surface roads instead of the highway ‘sounded’ like a brilliant idea.  Lastly, I have NEVER (and I must repeat, NEVER) not reached the posted speed limit on an ENTIRE trip. To be fair, all of the first three items put together is a darn good reason to not come within 5 miles under… at least that is what I think.

I AM A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and REAL dads do not worry about speeding tickets… they drive too slow.

Catch-Up: Part 1

One of the more recent things that my wife and I have been able to do in preparation for our pending parenthood was a tour of the facilities at the hospital that we are planning to have our daughter.  There was so much good information that was contained in that brief tour.  We were able to see the birthing rooms, the birthing tub, surgical rooms and the recovery rooms.  The pièce de la résistance were the Gumenick Suites that would cost a little extra, but with all the room and perks, we are rapidly finding ways to justify the expense.  I am sure that we will be able to justify it, affording it…. That is something that I will more than likely be taken to task on.  It is interesting to sit back and think that in just under three months our little one will be here.  So much to get done.  I AM GOING TO BE A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and I will be paying through the nose for a suite when the love of our life comes to meet us.