Recovery of divergence

    So, on the heels of the realization from the previous post, that I had let my focus of fatherhood be consumed by my beautiful daughter’s medical condition, I am left staring at the chasm. Where I am standing is where I am now. Across the way is where I want to be. Between the two is a partially built, yet nearly forgotten bridge.

    There is an importance in what I have been doing as Cranio Dad. Bringing the perspective as a man, a father, that has knelt before God and screamed for Him to help his daughter. To transfer the pain that she must be feeling to himself, because as her dad he can take it. Who has journeyed to hell, stared the devil in the eyes, and watched him blink. Having watched my boys on their journey to manhood. Being perched on the precipice of social media, and social change, having spent so long screaming into the wind that my own words have fallen on my deaf ears. A recovery of divergence is needed. But, in my wake, I bring all that I have learned with me.

    Trust me, Cranio Dad is here to stay. I have worked too hard for far too long to change that up. If anything, it will help with what I see as the next phase.

    Getting to the “Other Side”

    Remember the analogy of the chasm and the bridge that I mentioned in the last post? Well, that bridge is this amazing group of dad bloggers that I am proud to call my friends. I see a sea of voices that are working hard to lift each other up, promote change, and look forward. It is an awesome group. For the entire time that I have been blogging my voice has been off to the side of what them. I keep hearing that I am ‘ridiculously micro-niched’. There have been moments of praise for some of the writing that I have done, and they expand it to their audience. These things have been a huge part of who I am, as a blogger. But now, it is time to bring my voice into the fray. Not to get lost in the sea of voices that already exists, but to bring my own, deep resonant voice, and particular viewpoint into the mix.

    In the coming days I will be announcing the step that I am taking to make this happen. Not intentionally stringing you all along. I am a dad with 3.5 kids, recovering from the worst sinus infection that I have had in years, and life is life. Bear with me, and keep your eyes open. You will not want to miss this.

    Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

    Changes are coming

    I just returned home from attending an amazing Dad 2.0 Summit.  Though my mind and heart are still buzzing with all that I learned, and experienced.  There are already changes that I am making as you read this to correct a bit of a ‘branding crisis’.

    Those are two words that I never thought I would say about myself.  But, I am a brand. My desire to be a voice for the voiceless, and show what life is like as a father who has a child with Craniosynostosis (both through the good and the bad) has given me a reason to blog.  I just hope that it gives you a reason to read, and share our story.

    To give you a bit of a hint as to how things are changing, feel free to check out or

    I AM A CRANIO DAD, I am scared out of my mind… and at least I am good when it comes to a crisis.

    15 Days…. I cannot express

    Interesting day today.  So, I am now officially Data Control Clerk working within the IT department.  It has been a long and hard road to get there.  MANY late nights, meetings, toiling over ideas in the middle of the night, learning stuff on my own, tons of research and 3 years (next month) to get to this point.  I do know that through the tutelage that have received from my amazing friend and boss (CET) that I have gained such a clearer knowledge of operations and flow methods that will help me in many ways.  I have enjoyed my time working as an operations representative, and now it is on to Data Control.  After work tonight I met up with my (now) old boss for a couple of drinks and some good conversation.  It was an awesome and good time.  I look forward to continuing to do that… need decent and good adult types to hang out with from time to time… and he is the one that got me into Brazilian jiu-jitsu (sooo looking forward to getting back into that as well… trust me… ask my wife…).  Then, my little brother showed up for a little bit tonight… and he delivered the bassinet!  I know that I have posted some photos… but I had to take some more. 

    Even these pictures are not doing it justice.  My father did such an amazing job building this for us… and I will be forever thankful… and ecstatic.  I mean look at it!

    Handmade,  fantastic, beautiful, hdfklasdfho kaef!!!!!!  Yes, there is even a cameo from our brilliant border collie, Salem. 

    Oh my darling little one… your grandfather has made the place that you will sleep at night, warm, sturdy, and beautiful.  With the hands that held me as a child, and took care of me as I grew up to become the man that is your father, he built this for you.  I am so excited to see you, to hold you with my hands, to take care of you that grow up and watch you become a beautiful woman (but you can totally take your time).

    I AM GOING TO BE A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and this… was an amazing day.