Day 29: Favorite Cookie: Snickerdoodles

Oh the rollercoaster that is this list. But that is the flaw in not looking ahead, and only reading it once before posting it. But the fact that I limit myself to 10 minutes a day for this challenge, in and of itself should get me a cookie. Right? Well, even if it does not, let me tell you a little bit about my favorite one.


There is an amazing fragrance that overtakes the kitchen as these wonderful cookies are being baked. The cinnamon and sugar as they amalgamate under the heat profuse into a scent that I consider heaven.  I can feel the salivation build as they are cooling on the rack. My beloved already knows that I will not mind the burn to take one a little early. Biting into the surgery goodness, feeling the reserved heat sear my mouth, it is awesome.

It is hard to beat a good snickerdoodles, and only the best are homemade. There is something severely lacking from any of the store-bought imitations that I have had in my life. Note, I am not saying that the ones that you can purchase from bakeries are substandard, just that pre-packaged nonsense.  Of course, it is almost always the case that homemade is better.

There is a small joy in sharing good snickerdoodles with my kids. Seeing their eyes light up, and a smile come across their faces is amazing. I know that I am leading them down a great path in only providing the best ones for them. Prior to them, sharing was not an option. However, now, it is a constant. There have been times that I have watched the excitement build as the snickerdoodles are baking in the oven. I share in their exclamations as the oven opens, we gape in pure joy, and we watch as they are transferred onto cooling racks.

I feel somewhere between a kid and a dad when this happens. It is so worth it.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

21(ish) days…

For far too long there has been a bush in our back yard that aggravates me. For as much as I would trim and sculpt, it would come back in a matter of weeks. This thing is massive. Over seven feet tall, at least 10 feet in width and at least four in depth. It grows in a corner of our yard and has been disruption g the fence.

Well, today was the beginning of the end. In recent minuets I, with the help of my beloved AND the kiddos, reduced it by 3/4. Tomorrow, weather permitting, will be the end of it, for now. This also means there is a bonfire in our near future. Once we were all dripping with sweat and ready to go in, it was bath time and cuddles.

Zoey has taken a liking to bath time alone. I think it relaxes her. The space she needs is there, and she does great without our help. While she bathed, David and I turned our attention to Top Gear.

Then, they switched and Zoey, of couese, wanted some cuddles. Zoey has always been this way with me. She will snuggle right next to me, grab my hand and just relax. 

Then it was cookies and water. Now, I type as they drift off to sleep. 

If I ever became independently wealthy, outside of volunteering, I would spend so much time with my family. I miss them when I am at work, and they have given me a reason to love summer. Not getting dark until after eight gives us so much time to enjoy life.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.