You know what they say…..

DON’T MAKE ANY MAJOR DECISIONS WHEN YOU ARE EXHAUSTED.  However, is it really exhausted when you have had 5 hours of sleep over 5 days? Anyway, thanks to an awesome job done by Dr. O, all of the operating room staff, and all of the nurses that have helped Zoey though this road to recovery the beautiful bride and I had some time to discuss some things that were heavy on our hearts.  From this discussion I had a few revelations.  The tribal piece that I have been debating on how to fill, is going to have the center part mimic a dragonflies wing structure and be mostly purple (in honor of craniofacial awareness).  Another one involves school.  When we had Zoey, I took a break. I decided that being a DAD, meant that I had some work to do to be able to support my family financially as well as emotionally.  It has been a LONG six months.  With the surgery being successful I realized that I had a moment to take stock in where we have made it too, and where we wanted to be.  I thought about the mired path that had taken me to this place… and I realized something.  I have applied to start my degree in nursing.  Though it is not the path that I thought that I would take for medicine, it is something that allows me to utilize my knowledge, strength and talent while doing something that I enjoy.  I am not giving up on the MDiv either.  I did some calculations (in my ever-so feeble, tired mind) and realized that if I take the progress towards my goal of MDiv through a route of slow enjoyment, and drive hard towards my BSN… that upon receiving my BSN I would already be working on my MDiv, I can go back into the army as an officer, and use that as a chance to work towards becoming a chaplain.  Needless to say, it has potential to be a crazy couple of years.  But, for those of you that know me… that should not be surprising.  Most importantly, and again, I am ever so thankful to all the love, support, thoughts and prayers that went up for Zoey, as well as those that went up for our dear friends little one.  There are so many times that I just want to cry out of relief that this part of the waiting is over.  To the staff at MCV that worked on and took care of our little one, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for taking care of my daughter. (I feel an open letter of immense gratitude coming on).  The time that we have spent in recovery has given me the moment of pause that many take for granted, until they miss it like I have.  I have been able to stand and see the amount of love and compassion so many people have towards my darling little daughter, and that gives me hope.  Hope that as my daughter grows older, and faces unknown challenges, that she will have already learned what stringent, love, hard work and determination all mean, how far it will get you, and to know that she is surrounded by a sea of people that love her so dearly that we will scramble to catch her as she falls.  Thank you again, one and all.  As my wife continues to blog photos from the fun times that we had this week, I will continue to reblog them.  At least it will make me look like I am doing something on tumblr… lol.

I AM A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and I never thought that I would cheer and be reduced to happy tears over someone pooping… until today.