Day 3: A book you love, and why

Ender’s Game.

Plain and simple, I have always loved this book. From the first time that I opened the cover, to the 20th (ish) time that I read it earlier this year, it is always amazing. The writing pulls you in, and it tells a fantastic story.  I will openly say DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE AND THINK THAT IS HOW THE BOOK IS. It is even more fantastic that this is the first (depending on who you ask) book in a very expansive series.

I, unashamedly, have read the entire series (in both of the recognized orders) multiple times as well. Seriously, if you have not read the book, you need to.

Besides, it is only $7 on Amazon right now. If that is too much, let me know below in the comments, I have a few spare copies to send.