Day 29: Five Weird Things You Like

We all have things that we do that no one else we know does. But how often do we think about the weird things that we do, and like? This one was a bit more difficult to write. Having this level of introspection is not my norm, publically.

French fries with mayo instead of ketchup

I know that there are scores of people that do not like mayonnaise. Even though you are wrong, I can be understanding. However, there is something amazing about boardwalk fries, salt, pepper, malt vinegar, and dipping it in mayo.

The smell of old books

I know, I know. MANY people like the smell of old books. But I had to put this one on here today. I like to live dangerously and smoke a cigar, while drinking scotch, all while reading an old book. The aged leather not only feels fantastic, but the aroma. Plus, there is the amazing smell that lies in between the pages. Something about the ink, parchment, glue, and time coalesce into something amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle and the 200+ books that I have on it, but I will still be expanding our home library as our children grow with fantastic, old, books.

Walking in the rain without an umbrella

This one provides some strange looks when I am out an about. It takes a downpour before I will pull out an umbrella. I have found that walking in the rain is far more calming without an umbrella than with. Being hands free, feeling the cool water cascading over me is refreshing. Since I run hot (my average body temperature is right around 100.9 °F) it always feels great. Though I am lacking the sound of the rain falling onto the umbrella, hearing the sounds around me more clearly provides solace.

Small, secrete, wins

In all things that we do, there are wins. Some are big, some are small. I love celebrating the small wins. I enjoy this not just for myself, but for others as well. Most notably my children. I think that there is something fundamental in celebrating the little things, which will go a long way in helping their self-esteem. Think about it, if you had someone on the sidelines cheering for you because you tried, what would that do for you. Now, let us amplify that by this person pointing out that this time, even if you failed, you did something better than before. Celebrating small wins requires observation, and investment, on all sides.

Watching the calamity as a Dungeon Master

No listicle of weirdness could be complete for me without a reference to Dungeons and Dragons. I love being a Dungeon Master. But that is not weird. If one is in the role of being the DM, and they do not like it, then they are doing a disservice to the other players. However, I REALLY love watching things unfold, when everything is going wrong. Low dice rolls, saying the wrong things, traps, all coming together and causing chaos. It is beautiful.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

Day 13: Your favorite attribute

Right out of the gate, the nerd in me wants to delve into Dungeons & Dragons. I mean, come on. I run one or two games a week. I spend hours reading, watching, learning, and creating. Dexterity is my favorite attribute, and it helps in so many, amazing ways. Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, all great things for a large range of characters. However, there are endless forums to help guide your attribute selection based on the class you are creating though.

Ok, thanks for letting me get that out of my system. To truly answer the question, I would say that there is a small part of me that is quixotic.  This part has a larger effect than it reasonably should sometimes. It is in constant battle with the more major attributes that I hold. The leader attribute focuses on results, and gains. This, while the competitive and courageous attributes see the goals that I set and blaze paths to them. Meanwhile, this little, tiny, quixotic voice whispers in a hushed tone.  Utopian visions of far flung hopes move on the wind. It envelops the other, firm, attributes and entices them with the trappings of the exceeding idealistic hope.

Can a quixotic attribute be helpful?

Sometimes, this is to my benefit. What? A quixotic attribute being helpful? Well, for me, yes. There have been times that I have set my target too low. Not by a little, but by miles. When this attribute speaks, it causes me to reconsider. Wary of pipe-dreams has been my strong suit, but sometimes those whispers are far more on target than I was.

I am just realizing that this entire prompt may NOT have been about my own. I do my best not to be self-centered. But, I look that the posts like Day 12 (Five things that draw you to a person), and Day 1 (Five ways to win your heart). Because of these posts, it is only logical that perhaps this one is about my attributes. Who know?

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

I may be irrationally excited

Look at that, two days in a row of blog posts! Things are moving right along. That is why I may be irrationally excited today.  See, I have a standing game night every Thursday, and the group and I will be getting back into Dungeons and Dragons (after a LONG hiatus).  As DM, I have been preparing for some time about this, because tonight should be awesome.

The negative about game nights is that I miss time with the kiddos and my beloved.  But, it is something that I do to keep my mind and spirit healthy.  Tonight is going to be crazy, and (hopefully) a ton of fun.  I will be posting more about it later for those other players and DM’s that read my blog on tumblr.

Last night a line of wicked storms rolled through.  The light show was exciting, and the thunder was intense.  Besides the fact that I did not get much sleep, everyone else did. There was a period where the storm was rather intense that David woke up, and crawled into bed with us.  Besides that, all was well.

BTW… I cannot believe that Jacob is 1 month old today!

It is apparent that time is only increasing in speed as our family grows. Perhaps this is the exhaustion speaking, but we are still having a blast.  We are planning a family trip to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo tomorrow.  A dear friend, DadSews, will be there, and there is so much to see.  It should be a blast.

As for now, back to work.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the daily posting.  Time constraints being what they are, I am excited to see all the things that we have going on in our little family. It is exhausting, and awesome, all at the same time.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

Timing is sometimes everything


Yesterday I received some advise from my buddy Christian at DadSews.  He suggested that I take the Dungeons and Dragons videos and post them on a new channel, so that my main channel will be much more focused on what life is like as a Cranio Dad.  His timing could not have been better.  So, last night I created a new YouTube channel Here and have FINALLY uploaded all of the backlogged content for D&D.

Now, to dive into the content on my main channel, and (hopefully) give you all something worth watching!

By the way, if you have not been watching the adventure that is DadSews, you are doing something wrong.  Like many of the dad’s that I met at Dad 2.0, Christian is BUSY… but he is rocking it.

Tons going on this week….

This week is going to be a busy one… heck, the next two weeks are going to be nuts.

ALL of the videos are ready to be uploaded to YouTube for to be caught up with Dungeons and Dragons.  My playlist for D&D is going to explode from 31 to ~115 videos in the coming days, but I will finally be caught up.

We finished building and prepping the garden for Daddy Gardens, a video and post about that will be coming out this week.

I ‘should’ be able to start/finish building the LONG overdue toy box for Daddy Builds this weekend!

Thursday there will be a video coming out on my YouTube channel explaining what Craniosynostosis is (through the eyes of a parent).  It also marks 4 years after the day we finally were able to bring Zoey home!

I will also be posting a video and blog about preparing for Zoey’s next surgery (that happens to be next week).

I should also mention that my beloved bride is speaking at MOPS this week, also needs to set up the child care that she manages for MOPS, there are a few appointments throughout the week, the grass needs to be cut, the mulch needs to be done, blah, blah, blah, blah….

I am already way too tired for this.


Late night

But it was worth it. I committed to updating, finishing and catching up the dungeons and dragons video series and I am MUCH closer to my goal.

We have a short break in game play coming up, and I want to capitalize on that free time.  So, my hope is by the end of the upcoming week all will be loaded to my channel on YouTube.

Exhausted, but excited!