Day 18: Your Biggest Plot Twist

Simply, I am still here. Oh, but the things, the reasons, and all that this entails.

I have eluded to the simple facts that I have been through much. I am not going to delve into them here, as that is not part of the exercise. But these things, these adventures, have broken many before me. They continue to break many more each day. I have countless reasons, many more that the paltry 13 as noted in a diabolical show, why I should not be here. Something tells me that there are some of you out there that share this sentiment. Our journeys, though perhaps not intertwined, have been treacherous and daunting. The trials have contained more tribulations than joys. Yet, in the beautiful words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”. But why?

Is there some factor of unrelenting resolve that imbibes us with the strength the carry on where others find their end? Perhaps. However, I think that there is another quote that sums up an aspect that I realized early on in life. From my favorite book, as noted in my Day 3 post, Enders Game, “If you try and lose, then it isn’t your fault. But if you don’t try and we lose, then it’s all your fault”. See there is something defying in this quote. It is not all around the aspect of trying. That is mundane and overused. It is in acceptance that if you try and fail… it is not your fault.

My Reasons Why Not.

Then there is my beloved and my children. Any one of them would outweigh any of the 13+ reasons why. Granted, I have not had them during most of the crap that I have been through. Yet, I held fast to the hope that I had. Faithful to the belief that, one day, I would have these people in my life. Had I bent the knee to ANY of the dire situations that I have found myself in, I would not have this reward.

I have known failure and defeat more often than I let on. However, I have learned never to let something defeat me. For the reward for making it through is not just a story, or a scar, but may be waiting at the counter of a Halloween Store.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

Day 3: A book you love, and why

Ender’s Game.

Plain and simple, I have always loved this book. From the first time that I opened the cover, to the 20th (ish) time that I read it earlier this year, it is always amazing. The writing pulls you in, and it tells a fantastic story.  I will openly say DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE AND THINK THAT IS HOW THE BOOK IS. It is even more fantastic that this is the first (depending on who you ask) book in a very expansive series.

I, unashamedly, have read the entire series (in both of the recognized orders) multiple times as well. Seriously, if you have not read the book, you need to.

Besides, it is only $7 on Amazon right now. If that is too much, let me know below in the comments, I have a few spare copies to send.

Enders game, no spoilers

I want to start by being very clear that I have loved the entire series surrounding the book Enders Game. I have read the entire series three times, reading some of my more favorite ones 10+ times throughout my life. I have found the main title so important that for Christmas 2 years ago I purchased copies for everyone in my department. I have also had my beloved bride read it and in doing so it has made its way onto our list of titles for our children to read while we homeschool them.

Needless to say, I know the book very well. The drama spoke to me as a child and guided me as an adult. I have long awaited, and feared this movie. So much that I did not see it in the theater, holding on to the images my mind has produced to play as a backdrop, the scenes, the settings and the characters being all too familiar and loved.

I listened intently to many that saw it, as they compared and contrasted its likeness. Now, my voice joins them.

As a whole I think they did a beautiful job picking out the events that helped the story flow. The CGI was very on par with where film is today, stretching it in some places. There were some slight changes here and there (one VERY major one) that did not ultimately detract from the story.

However, it saddened me that some of the things that were cut, some of what they may have considered trivial moments amongst the pages, were some of the ones that I was most looking forward to. Since seeing the movie last night I have already gone back and reread the book, finding myself wondering if, by fair chance, my memory of certain events were flawed. I will note, that my memory was intact and accurate.

I think that some of the roles were casted perfectly, many others were not. Though the acting from some of the actors was excellent in bringing the novels characters to life, it was in simple things such as size that I fell they were off.

I still love the book, making it (usually) my second favorite book to read. As expected, this fantastic film is a far cry from the experience of reading the book. I encourage ALL of you to find the book and read it, especially if you liked the move and even more so if you did not. I strongly fell that much of the disconnect that has been felt is in all of the little things that they missed.

How serious about that last part am I? If you have never read the book, but would like to, and cannot bring yourself to buy it… I am willing to give three copies away. Plead your case and they will go out in the mail in a few weeks.

I also suggest that those of you that liked the book and the movie, check out the rest of the series… It is more than worth it.

I AM A CRANIO DAD, I am scared out of my mind and I LOVE this book and I liked the movie.