3 Week Eye Follow-up

On Monday we had a final follow-up for Z’s eye surgery. I went alone with both kids, so pictures were not really an option. She did a great job of jumping straight in the big chair and doing her best to follow directions. Zoey is completely healed at this point, and we are now waiting to see how her eyes adjust to all the changes. She has been showing some nearsightedness. We have another visit in 4 months, which will help us decide if glasses are a good option for her. The appointment is scheduled for the week after my due date for #3.

Eyes and Ears

This morning Zoey had another appointment with Dr Wortham, her eye doctor. Surgery is coming fast, and this week I am hoping to coordinate procedures for ear tube placement and eye muscle correction during the same morning so that she only needs anesthesia once. This will be procedure number 8 for Zoey. Any novelty has long worn off with these procedures, regardless of the range of risks involved. I hate that so much energy and time is swallowed up in preparing, scheduling, and post treatment-for all of us. But Z deserves this chance to gain some clearer depth perception, and better hearing. It’s a struggle for me to fight the bitterness of constantly encouraging and battling each step of the way, when inside I want to run just as much as she does. I really am grateful for so many options in making her life better, but I will never stop wanting the next time to be the last time.