A letter to my son, on his first birthday.

My darling son,

Jacob, my sweet little boy, yesterday you turned a year old. In the time that has passed you have grown so much. As have I. It is a strange thing, being a parent. As we scroll through the endless rants and raves on social media, one could arrive at the conclusion that being a dad is chaos. The long, sleepless nights. Endless bumps, scrapes, and falls each day. But, my dear Jacob, that is not how I feel, at all.

While many prostrate themselves as their sails deflate when a child is born. I stand resilient in the tempest winds, and unfurl my headsail. You have been born into a family of strength. We work hard, so we can play harder. Being tough is part of our nature. Because of it, we grow, together, in all that we do. We regale in each other’s successes (even the small ones), and we shoulder the burden each time any of us fall. Individually we are great, but together we are amazing.

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When you joined our family, you came in screaming.

But, as a glimpse into your awesomeness, you cuddled, and looked around. You are a brilliant ray of sunshine. Piercing any darkness that may encroach, you radiate joy. Even when you have been sick, or teething, you bring peace with you. Somehow there was an imperceptible niche in our family, which you exposed and filled. You make our clockwork run smoother.

It is my hope to be the dad that you deserve and need, which may be lightyears beyond what I am capable of. But, between you and your siblings, I have all the reason that I need to stretch myself beyond my limits. The three of you are persistent wind that fills my sails, driving me to greatness. But this greatness is not for myself, it is for each of you.

Happy birthday darling. And thank you for choosing me to be your dad.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

Happy Birthday my beloved

minorinspirations, my beloved. I am honored to be called your husband and your friend. You grow ever-more so beautiful with each passing year. As the guy who was standing at that alter, heart racing as the doors opened, breathless and in awe of your beauty as you were silhouetted in the winter sun… 

…your beauty staggers me so much more today. 

On being a mother, you also
have an amazing superpower.  Keeping up with all the appointment’s that
our darling daughter has needed, being strong through the many surgeries, being
resilient when we have been stuck in the mire.  You rock it honey. 
You are an amazing mother, your love and compassion for our children shows in
all that you do. Your love for me is always felt, always visible, always

As a mother, wife, and best friend, your patience is
mind-blowing… at least to a loose cannon like myself…lol. I am so happy
that you picked me. You have been my
rock when I could not stand under the weight of all that this life has brought
us.  You have been the shoulder that I
have needed for countless tears.  You
have been the hand that I want to hold, the lips that I want to kiss and the
arms that I want around me.  You put up
with me, even when I am at my worst… and your love never fails.

Your love and reverence for God gives you a glow that anyone can
see. So, on this day, your birthday, I hope you know that you are amazing, and
that I love you with all that I can. Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman I
have ever known, and I am grateful to have in my life.

scared out of my mind, and I am so happy it is you.