Reading is challenging during the winter storm

As I awoke yesterday to a fresh, white, blanket of snow, I knew what I was going to hear. “The Richmond offices are closed due to inclement weather” the voice echoed on the other end of the call. A flurry of texts ensued as I alerted my staff of this event. Wondrous thoughts of sitting by the fire and finishing my second book, perhaps starting my third, of my 2018 Reading Challenge lulled me back to sleep.

Boy, did I sleep. I finally had a chance to get some rest. For the past few months I have been running at full speed, tilting all the windmills in my path. Perhaps it was the cold weather, the radiant views as the sun streaked across through the barren trees, but I relaxed. I rested. I woke up late. The kids were going outside to enjoy their snow day. Though, truth be told, snow days do not exist as a homeschooling family. Be that as it may, they were filled with excitement to run outside and dive into the snow that caused a day off. All one and a half inches of it.

Having spent a better portion of my life in regions that truly understand snow, it was a little laughable. But, to have some time to relax, time with family, is always a blessing. We quickly made plans to clean, organize, and de-clutter. These are never ending tasks when you have three children ages five and under. I assure you that the hurricane that is them trying to ‘help’ clean is far worse than the snow that kept me home. But we did these things just the same.

I watched them bounce up and down as we talked about snow, and smile chocolatey smiles as they had their hot coco. I handled the negotiations as to why I felt we would not be watching any more Christmas movies, even “Christmas Train” (or Polar Express as some of us call it), just because of the snow. They tried. It was adorable. But, it was an amazing day.

Near the end of it I realized that I had lost the opportunity to read as I had intended. It was the end of the day, the kids were going to sleep, and I was just relishing in the relaxation that I received from this unexpected day. In the quiet of the night, while I soothed my youngest back to sleep (for the millionth time) I read a little. Happy, and content with my progress, I logged in at 50% complete on my second book. Slowly, still reflecting back to the cool weather, and the day off, I lulled myself back to sleep in preparation for the day to come.

I hope to have a post on my thoughts on the first book, “The Giver”, sometime this weekend. Stay warm out there, and remember to take time to enjoy the unexpected gifts that are a snow day.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.


    Zoey was discharged on Saturday afternoon, and we have now been home for a few days.  It was a bit hectic at first, and once again I am playing catch-up with Tumblr.  The biggest news is that she is doing really well and we are slowly settling into our new lives with our new addition.  Friends and family have been wonderful with providing meals, short visits, and with encouraging emails, phone calls, and texts.  I am trying my best to respond to everyone, but somehow the list is always there.  Please know that you are all appreciated and I do read everything as I have time…and this transition has gone really well for us all as a result.  For the amount of times I have heard that someone is praying for Zoey, I imagine some sort of major headline in heaven being printed daily.  It’s hard to feel alone at a time like this, so thank you.

    My first two weeks with Zoey have crossed everywhere on the emotional spectrum.  Overall she has brought so much joy to everyone who sees her, especially to me.  I am so proud of who she is and how much she has fought in such a short time.  I’m reminded of a phrase Paul uses in his letters when he says, “I thank God for you every time I think of you.”  I look at little Zoey in my lap and continually feel so blessed that God chose me for her.  Zoey has allowed me to see a strength and depth of love in myself for her that I didn’t know existed before.  I love this initial stage of watching her change day by day, and her shining personality is already coming through as someone I am so excited to get to know.