Know what’s awesome?

Technology. Know what is not awesome? technology that fails. On the market for a new keyboard for my computer….

Used google drive to do voice to text for today’s post. You know, part four of the $2,000 bunk bed saga. Got home, logged into my computer, opened drive, and then it happened.

EVERY time that my @razer #blackwidow keyboard updates, a random key on my keyboard gets “stuck”. Not physically, just randomly. Causes me to have to restart (just unplugging does not work) my computer. This time, it wiped out the entire post with a long string of letter B’s.

A little too frustrated, going to take it out on some home improvement items that I have on my plate.

What keyboards do you have, and love?

Let me know.


Part four will post later tonight.

The Long Post, Part 1, Introduction

And so it begins… As I have stated, I am working through some stuff from many different angles.  Now, this topic is going to be heavy on the spiritual side.  So, to make this as easily digestible as I can, I am breaking this up into parts.  The ‘tidbits’ as I will call them will cover different aspects of this singular issue.  As it is based on my faith, I will have to include “My Theology” and “My Testimony”.  As it pertains to my prospective career field I will have a section about “My Job Plans”.  After that, I will do my best to surmise all that I can that encompass the crux of the issue that I am having.  All that I ask is that you remain open minded, patient, and please respond, if you feel lead to.  The postings will come at an interval of one a day… as that is how I like it.  So, let’s dive into the cloudy shallow end… shall we.