Dear Craniosynostosis: A renewal of a letter

Three years ago I wrote a letter to Craniosynostosis. I was so proud to have it published in The Mighty. It is about a conversation that I have with cranio from time to time. Reflecting on what I felt, and how I feel now.  Today, I update it a little.

For Craniofacial Awareness Month, Kati and I have been posting vlogs answering questions about Craniosynostos. Every day on our YouTube channel, and even here on the sidebar. Yep, 30 questions that we have been asked, with answers that come from experience. Some of our conversation drummed up this letter. We decided that I would read this for one of the final vlogs this month. However, in order to do this, I wanted to bring it to the now. I did not want to leave it behind, collecting dust.

So, without further ado. Below the break is the updated letter to Craniosynostosis.

New set up, and a contest!

So, many changes as usual around here.  Thanks to some amazing help over the last few months I have moved my wordpress over to hosted!  This means so many awesome tools at my disposal, all to help you.

In honor of this, and in a way to test a couple of the tools that I am really excited to use, I am running a contest! So, starting today feel free to use the links below and complete each step for a chance to win.

What do you win? What does the victor of this contest get to take as the spoils? Well, how about a handwritten letter from me, delivered to you in your mailbox!


Not an email, but real paper, written on with real pen, put into a real envelope, and even a real stamp (or two or three)!  It may not seem like one of those awesome giveaways that you see all over the place, but it is my chance to personally thank you for helping me, for following me, for… being awesome.

So, take a moment, enter the contest, who knows… you may be getting a letter from me! This contest closes at the end of the month and the winner will be notified on (or around) Saturday July 9th 2016.

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