Day 9: Education

Sure, let’s take a simple, single word, education, and see if I can dive deep into it.  Eh, I like a challenge.

Education has a strange parallel meaning for me, both with different appearances.

First, and most common is the level of institutional instruction that you have achieved. To be honest and completely frank, I have met people whom have graduated from Ivy League schools with a PHD or an MD that would not know diamonds from coal. They abhorrently tote “When I was at [insert school name here]…” into every conversation, even when it does not fit the discussion. When they finally see themselves falling, their go to is often “Well I do not know what they taught you where you went to school, but at [insert school name here]…” as a laughable defense. As a brutal juxtaposition, I have met individuals that never graduated from High School that can out class, out think, and out solve the rest of them. For me, I never care about where you went to school. That just tells me something about the lot that you drew in life.

I care more about what you know.

That is the second meaning. How much does one know? Often we call this “street-smarts”. But, I never found that phrasing to be akin to the full depth of education. As we careen through this life, standing atop this blue marble we call earth, we learn things. Sometimes out of our own experience, sometimes from what others go through. What we learn from every interaction, event, tragedy, fortune, every step we take shapes us. It gives us knowledge that we did not have before, and the ability to call on something when we need to. This is the most important version of education. It is not something that we can show with a plaque on the wall. This is the education which is shown by the scars on our backs, hands, feet, and knees.

It is this second meaning of education that I strive to instill in my children.

It drips from the words that I speak. At every turn, education emboldens the actions that I take. It is this education that is the reason behind the words that I have been closing each post with, for some time now.

Live big, love bigger, and be kind, always.

    Welcome to Week 33

    One more month until I’m considered full-term (37 weeks). Next weekend we have designated our “car seat placing and packing” weekend. It’s still a little early, but I’d rather not have it in the back of my mind for the next few weeks. My online business classes finish up in another two weeks and I am trying to focus mostly on two big papers that are due then…focus…riiiiiiight. You know how in elementary school we had stations that we rotated through? Like artwork, and a sandbox, a playhouse, dress-up, pattern blocks, and other fun stuff. Well, my shortened attention span has led me to set up my own stations. Granted some aren’t quite as fun as a sandbox, but it keeps me from going too insane. Mine include laundry, the dishwasher, schoolwork, bills, eating, the nursery, the bathroom, tv, and recess with Salem. On special days I add music. Yes, my life is similar to that of a seven year old.

    But I’m okay with that. One more month. I’m feeling quite pleased with myself for doubling up on courses for the first part of this semester so that I will have the rest of spring and all summer before I need to make a decision about starting up again in the fall. After this month, I will be 18 credits into my 45 credit master’s degree. Good times. It’s helped to have something besides baby stuff to focus on lately, but I will also be glad for a break from school to figure out this new mom stuff. Life is good.

    Catch Up Week Is Upon Me…..

    Sooooo, I have spent way to long away from things (school, tumblr, facebook, etc) and I am planing a go crazy catch up week this week.  I am quite sure that between it all I am going to end up burned out…. but it NEEDS to happen.  Of course, I realize that I am saying this at a quarter to two in the morning on a Sunday…. but I am determined not to continue to wallow in my stressed out little world.  There comes a time when we all must say, that is enough, and get up and get going again.  It has been shocking how heavy the stress has been.  But, that time has passed, now there are things to get done.  So, cross your fingers folks, and saddle up…. it has the makings for one heck of a ride.  I AM GOING TO BE A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and my daughter is not even here yet and I am getting stressed out……….. awesome.

    Late night overdue papers…

    This is an excerpt from a paper that I just finished for one of my classes this semester.  As I face this pending fatherhood I often find myself turning to my faith for answers.  Though they may not be the answers for some out there, the point contained in this small portion of my paper is deep and somehow gives me some strength.

    There seems to be something wrong with having an all knowing, all loving, ever present God and there being evil around us.  The acts of evil that we see (be them moral or natural) would seemingly negate what we are told of God, or do they?  One could look at a few individual verses pertaining to God’s wrath, but what I prefer to do is take a look at the collection of all the works.  As we read through the old testament we come across stories of whole tribes being swallowed up in the earth (Num 16:32-35), armies being destroyed by the sea closing in on them (Exo 14:26-28), cities being leveled by burning sulfur (Gen 19: 24-25) , that little thing involving that guy Noah (Gen 6-9), and so much more.  Much like a FATHER, God loves us, but there is a time for compassion and a time for discipline.  When our fathers ground us, spank us, or take away our toys because we are being unruly little brats, do we think, even for a moment, that our father might not love us? Sure we do.  A better question is, does our father, in this instance, truly still love us?  Is there a chance that we are just so caught up in the selfish emotions that we cannot see the love that our father has for us?  I feel that it is a case of selfishness and fear that we cannot see the love that is there. We are called to be a reflection of God with our love upon or children, the same could be said about the pain and suffering that we see in this world  Remember, God promised to love us and asked that we love Him, but He NEVER said it would be easy.

    I AM GOING TO BE A DAD, I am scared out of my mind, and it is interesting where we can find strength.