Giving Thanks

I am thankful for the amazing, demanding, fulfilling, and life-changing gift of motherhood.  I am also thankful that God used his timeline and not mine, since I probably would not have been up to the challenge five years ago.

Giving thanks

Days 16-21:

Yes these are all David-themed. He is a week old today and I am still discovering the sweetness of his addition to our family.

I am extremely thankful for the smooth and natural delivery of our son, David Michael, born on November 14. (17) I am grateful that I was able to take advantage of a spa-like room in a newly remodeled L&D wing. (18) I loved that the same midwife who was with me for Zoey’s birth was also on-duty for the birth of David. (19) I am grateful that David is completely healthy and that he was able to stay with me until I was discharged from the hospital the next day. (20) I am also relieved that he was born ready to eat.  A full week without bottles, tubes, or formula for him has been amazing. He only dropped a few ounces within the first few days, and has already regained his birth-weight of 7 lbs, 9 oz. (21) I am thankful that my own recovery has been easier and faster this time.