What Happens When Big Things Happen?

You may have heard me say something like this before, but when our child has a significant level of differences outside the typical curve when it comes to development, learning, and perceiving the world, every little step is openly celebrated as a significant milestone. For us, now that Z is 4 years old, these milestones include every new letter that Zoey can say clearly, every new food that she enjoys eating on her own, every attempt to interact with new friends despite knowing that she will most likely not be understood, and every household/life skill that she masters independently and voluntarily. With so many little things to celebrate, what happens when we get to the big things? Most of the time, we cry. Tonight is one of those nights. We took down Z’s toddler bed and graduated her to a twin. Her toddler bed is a 4-step convertible, so CranioDad and I re-lived putting it together as a crib before she was born. He has always been very protective, and I had to smile at how overly tight those bolts were. I thought about the day we were able to remove her last guard rail while her little brother was in his own convertible crib. Recently we recognized that our house and family configuration doesn’t allow the space for her to use that same frame as a full-sized bed right now, which is the last stage for her bed. So today we took down her bed of 4 years, and gave her a big girl twin bed. She is ecstatic and her brother is very happy with her. And the grown-ups cried. 

Our new baby boy will need a crib, and we are passing D’s convertible crib down to him, which means D is getting promoted to a twin bed. We felt it only right that Z as the oldest should get her twin bed first, even though she would most likely fit a toddler bed for a few more years. So tonight is her night to be the oldest, in her big girl bed, while D spends one of his last nights in his own toddler bed. I am not ready for any of this.